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Appointing a Managing Agent

Appointing the right Managing Agent can make a huge different to the quality of life at your development, as well as protecting your property investment and ensuring that the development and associated company is managed in accordance with legislation.

A Managing Agent should remove the day-to-day burden of administration and deal with most minor maintenance and other issues. This frees Directors of Residents Management Companies to simply focus on the policy aspects of managing their block such as agreeing the budget and prioritising maintenance works.

Among the other benefits of using a Managing Agent is their ability to act impartially if disputes arise between leaseholders. These sort of issues can be particularly difficult for self-managing Directors who may also be neighbours.

We understand that the decision making process can be long and complex when you are appointing a new Managing Agent and there may also be other considerations such as giving notice to your existing Agent. We are happy to work with you to develop written communications for Lessees or to present our proposal to decision makers at a meeting.

Developments vary in size and the level of service they require so we will provide you with a bespoke quotation. We offer a free, no obligation consultation with you to discuss your requirements, which will include a site visit. You can use our service checklist to think about the services you may require. At the end of this process we will provide you with a fully costed proposal.

If appointed, Neil Douglas will provide you with a contract using the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors model agreement and we act swiftly to ensure a smooth handover from your existing agent or administrator.

The Leasehold Advice Service publishes a useful Guide to Appointing a Managing Agent.

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