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Building And Grounds Maintenance

General Maintenance

Over the course of a year we deal with a myriad of small maintenance jobs to keep the developments we manage in good shape. From changing light bulbs in communal halls, to fixing bin store doors, from arranging for loose roof tiles to be fixed to unblocking drains. There are many different jobs to be done and it is in solving these issues that Managing Agents are often most visible.

We take a pro-active approach to identifying and fixing small problems before they become big issues. As well as our regular property inspections (see below) each block has a dedicated email address that leaseholders and residents can use to report maintenance problems. Details of how to contact us by email and phone are displayed in all communal halls that have the space.

Our approach is to use reliable and cost effective local tradesman to carry out routine maintenance work. We are very aware of the need to manage your maintenance budget carefully and we will always obtain several quotes and consult with Directors about expenditure over a threshold you can set for us.

Regular Property Inspections

We carry out regular property inspections for most of our clients. These vary from quarterly, monthly or fortnightly visits depending on the size and complexity of the property. The purpose of the visit is to identify potential maintenance issues and / or health and safety risks and to check that the contractors are doing the work they are contracted to do. We will also use the opportunity to inspect on-going issues and to take meter readings. This pro-active approach means that problems such as leaking overflows can be dealt with quickly, preventing damage to the building. The information in these reports is also vital in planning maintenance and keeping clients informed.

Cleaning of Communal Areas

Clean, fresh smelling and well maintained communal halls make an enormous difference to residents’ quality of life. They are also essential for leaseholders renting out their property, as prospective tenants are likely to be put off by muddy carpets, cooking smells and junk mail left uncollected from entrance halls. The simple provision of cigarette bins can prevent the ugly sight of flowerpots full of cigarette ends, or worse, cigarette ends strewn on the floor outside the entrance.

Appointing and managing the right cleaning contractor is vital. We are happy to work with your existing cleaning contractors if they are doing a good job, or to recommend other local providers, if you are dissatisfied. Either way we will ensure that they are providing the service you are paying for as part of our regular routine visits and we will also log any complaints about cleaning that we receive from residents and ensure this is taken up with the cleaners and fed back to you.

Gardening and Grounds

Whether it’s a small private courtyard or extensive grounds many of the properties we manage have some outside space that needs to be maintained. This can include grass cutting, hedge trimming, pruning and planting. As well as creating a pleasant environment for residents and visitors this work can be essential in ensuring that nearby trees don’t undermine the structure of the building or that car parking spaces aren’t overgrown by hedges.

We will look out for these sorts of problems on our regular inspections and will also request feedback from residents. We can work with your existing contractor or recommend a local provider with expertise in this area.

Maintenance Projects

It is common for a lease to require periodic re-decoration of internal and external areas. We commonly co-ordinate these projects for our clients and will typically draw up a specification, obtain a range of quotations for approval by Directors, appoint contractors and communicate with leaseholders and residents before the work is carried out and during the process.

Maintenance projects costing more than £250 per leaseholder need special arrangements for consultation. Section 20 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 (as amended by S151 of the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002) sets out the obligation for Landlords, including Freeholders and Residents’ Management Companies to go through a statutory process which consults with leaseholders about the work to be carried out, allows them to recommend contractors and to view and comment on the quotations obtained.

Depending on the size of the development Section 20 Consultations may be required for routine re-decoration but more commonly they are undertaken for major works such as replacement of communal doors, installation of communal satellite systems or building works such as re-cladding. Our experience of these types of projects is that they require a high level of co-ordination and communication with Leaseholders and Residents and we are well placed to project manage works of this kind.

Clear communal areas

Clear communal areas

Bin stores

Bin stores

Well maintained grounds

Well maintained grounds

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