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Lease and Legal Tasks

Lease Terms and Covenants

The lease is the document that informs everything we do. It sets out the rights and responsibilities of the freeholder, the leaseholder and often the Management Company as well.

For example, if we need to answer a question about whether pets are allowed at a property we will check the lease. The lease will also help us determine whether particular maintenance is the responsibility of an individual leaseholder or the management company. An example of this is where we have to determine who is responsible for painting the front door of a flat.

As your Managing Agent we also work on your behalf to communicate with leaseholders who are not complying with the lease. This could be residents who are making too much noise late at night, or a leaseholder who allows the placement of a ‘to let’ board where advertisements are not permitted.

Leasehold Enquiries

During the sale of a leasehold property it will be common for the buyer’s solicitor to raise a number of conveyancing queries, these will be sent to the Managing Agent or Freeholder via the seller’s solicitor. There isn’t a prescribed list of information but typically we will be asked for:

  • Copies of insurance policies
  • Copies of the last 3 years’ service charge accounts
  • The latest service charge budget
  • Confirmation that payments of service charge and ground rent are up to date
  • Information on any major works underway and planned

We provide this information in the form of a dedicated Leasehold Information Pack, which is charged directly to the seller.

Transfer of Ownership

When a leasehold property is sold there is a particular part of the conveyancing process that transfers ownership from the current leaseholder to the new owners. This can be through a Deed or a Notice stipulated in the lease or drawn up by the conveyancing solicitor. As Managing Agents we communicate with solicitors to ensure the correct process if followed and if required we will obtain signatures from the relevant Management Company or Freehold Directors.

Corn Close, Stone

Corn Close, Stone

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The Old Garden Centre, Princes Risborough

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